Kitchen gardens
Justin Hutchinson

With greater levels of urban densification, more concrete and more asphalt - a connection to nature and especially to our food system is critically important.

International studies have shown the direct benefit of growing your own food – a greater sense of wellbeing, better access to higher nutritional food without the pesticides. A greater opportunity for active recreation, especially important for challenging childhood obesity. There are also wider benefits for the community, allowing for a meeting place and a common activity for all cultures and nationalities – food is the common language. We have specifically designed our kitchen gardens to outperform in Australia’s built urban environments as we now experience greater levels of low rainfall, hotter and dryer conditions on average.

Our systems have dual wall structures to avoid the rapid drying out of important nutrient-rich soils, this helps to sustain the gardens over many more months of the year. We have also designed our systems to incorporate water reservoirs to ensure the plants have access to water on demand, reducing the amount of active watering days. In addition, we have devised our gardens to incorporate
seating and different working heights to facilitate social connection and access to a broad range of age groups and physical abilities. We are here to connect likeminded people to a new vision where planting, sharing and celebrating food empowers us all to realise greener, healthier, more
community orientated cities we aspire to live in.

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