Johnston’s Creek Wetlands meets Camperdown Markets
Peter Willett, Sarah Gan-Brown, Lorraine Yuelei Li, Cindy Lin and Jessica Yue Wang

An inner city refuge for wildlife, nature and people

Local remnant waterways have untapped potential for remediation and expansion. Through integrated local development and pedestrianised zones, public space can be delivered within dense urban areas. Johnston’s Creek in Camperdown is a prime example. Parramatta Rd already has a pop-up bicycle route into the city on Pyrmont Bridge Road and Parramatta Road will soon have a light rail service. The next step, pedestrianise Bridge Road between Booth Street and Parramatta Road as part of the proposed Camperdown Health and Education Research Precinct (CHERP). As a new town centre for Camperdown, it could utilize the existing Westconnex dive site to prepare for a future metro station under a new Booth Street and Bridge Road roundabout which would divert traffic to Mullet street intersection with Parramatta Road. Johnston’s Creek wetlands could be extended to Parramatta Road.

This small change in traffic flow dramatically expands the potential to reestablish a Camperdown town centre. A mix of residential, commercial and retail supporting the education and health research sectors that need expanded office and lab facilities, a meeting place of ideas and culture, business and entertainment.

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