It’s A Happening World
Naomi Shaw, Dr Zena O'Connor and Jonathan Watcham

Harmony Park Mural

The Colour Collective will create a dynamic, vibrant mural with involvement from local youth centres with the assistance of the Master Painters Association and Resene Paints. The Colour Collective, headed by Dr Zena O’Connor, a renowned consultant in the use of colour in the built environment, would provide a design and scheme to engage with passers-by and park goers. This project would also provide an opportunity to engage, communicate and influence young people to consider an apprenticeship in painting and decorating. The design would be considerate of local values and would highlight community, equity and diversity.
Currently, the park located in Brisbane Street, between Hunt and Goulburn Streets, Surry Hills is an open space with no central focus. Research indicates that colour in the built environment not only has the capacity to encourage engagement but brings a sense of joy and delight. Recent colour interventions in Australia and overseas have shown the use of colour in an installation has a transformational effect and aids the sense of community belonging to the space.

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