Inspired by Country Our Urban Gullies and Plateaus
Artur Chyra, Stephen Moore, Antonio Pozzi

What if Australia’s public spaces started to reflect the qualities of its unparalleled landscape?

How will your idea create a better life for Sydneysiders?
Good Growth includes a spiritual and physical connection to our Country, where an increase in urbanity is paired with an increase in greenery.
How does your idea deliver great public space?
Inspired by Country, our idea of creating cooler, greener gullies and elevated grassland plateaus reimagines the relationships between city and Country.
Cooler, greener gullies transform predictable podiums as an oasis for people from Sydney’s extreme climate. Inspired by Country, fractured terraces with serrated seams and lush landscaping offer delightful shade, dappled light and connection to nature.
Elevated plateaus re-imagine privatised, colonised roof gardens as publicly accessible, wild parkland to provide people with the opportunity to detach from city-life and connect with the living spirit of Country and reawaken our relationship with Australia’s landscape, its people and cultures.
How is your idea transformative?
Rather than importing generic urban lanes and roofscapes under a liveable city model, we transform time proven people places by focusing on attachment to Country and social connectedness – a loveable city model.
Opportunistic as a cliff-side landscape, the model can start small and expand to become an urban canyon, lush, green and cool.
With our extreme climate, and urban heat-island effect the recognition of cooler places and elevated places are important reminders of the wider ecosystem and our environmental responsibility.
Provides a practical model for urban renewal precincts where an increase in urbanity can be paired with an increase in greener places – good growth.

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