Emma Rees-Raaijmakers

INN reimagines the interstitial spaces in our public spaces for people sleeping rough.

INN is the transformation of the overlooked public spaces into architecture that can benefit communities in need within our greater Sydney community. INN doing so, we would positively impact both those inhabiting the spaces, and those passing by. The INN is win-win.

Unfortunately, homelessness is inevitable and on the rise. This project would provide both a framework for assessing and cataloguing spaces already occupied or frequently used by those experiencing homelessness. These spaces often flank well-trafficked and well-used public spaces. But they are generally unkempt, dark and unpleasant. INN would provide an increased standard of living, ultimately aiming to transform public space AND public perception of the homeless population in the process.

With the support of public and private organisations, INN would ensure basic human needs are met with access to clean water, secure facilities for people to temporarily store personal items, integrated elements that provide a surface to sit/lie on rather than on the ground, and low-level lighting for safety (but not so bright that makes it impossible to sleep). At its most bold, INN would occupy these interstitial spaces with a more temporary-permanent shelter or shared space – in such places as the brick arches of the light-rail bridge at Wentworth Park in Glebe.

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