Indigenous Sydney
Emma Mitchell

Working with Indigenous communities to educate Australians on the history of our local area.

Sydney siders live in a natural paradise that has been shaped and preserved by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years. The sad thing is, we have no idea about the importance of Place in our communities. This includes historical information pre colonisation and creation stories of the natural world we all enjoy on a regular basis. Using stencils, paint, art and signage i would like to engage Australians in the natural and historical wonders that surround us.

My idea ensures all people who engage with Sydney’s natural public spaces, will gain a deeper understanding of them through a cultural exchange of Indigenous community members and the people who walk these ancient lands. The project is extremely cost effective and has been undertaken on small scales along the Parramatta River where local Indigenous community members have used stencils to share their language and story with Non-Indigenous Australians. The project also further unifies Indigenous Australians who would facilitate this project and feel a sense of ownership in these spaces.

This idea is a low impact transformation for Sydney that brings language, history and culture to the forefront of our beautiful area, allowing us to understand, connect and exist in Sydney in a historically relevant context.

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