Gabrielle Filtz & Emile Rademeyer

Tap on, the arts are back on track as public transport becomes an open gallery.

COVID19 has stopped the creative art community dead in its tracks. My proposal is to bring art to the public by transforming public transport into public art galleries. Imagine transforming public transport (the public space we use on a daily basis) into a vibrant public art gallery on wheels, literally bringing art to every community it travels through.

Our public transport system has become a sad and disconnected journey. Commuters are covered with masks, sitting distantly, unable to connect to each other. People are buried in their phones consuming news headlines or seeking entertainment and cultural fulfilment in their digital devices. By transforming train carriages into immersive public art platforms, they become a platform for local talent to showcase their work in a “moving art galleries” with a guaranteed audience. The public will be able to find cultural enrichment in the arts, whilst still adhering to social distance

Each train line can have a dedicated carriage showcasing the artists of that area, taking it from one community to another. For example, An inner west artist from St Peters can have her work displayed on the T1 Western track, exhibiting her work all the way from the Inner West to Parramatta, Blacktown and beyond. Printed QR Codes can unlock the artist’s webpage or the Public Spaces website containing further details about the artist, even activating Augmented Reality experiences.

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