Hungry Bins!
Orla Blackmore

Local street art for the community using recycled rubbish

Recycled art has been increasingly popular, and my idea would harness this creative and eco-friendly way to make beautiful art for people to see. My idea is to put special bins around every area, and people would have to pick up rubbish on the ground until they reach a certain amount, after which we would call on an artist to create a 3-D recycled artwork. This would be displayed at a pre-arranged place for the public to see. The goal is to encourage the public to pick up rubbish and litter by showing them the art they could get near them. If this happened, there could be competitions for other kids, where they could enter an idea for the next sculpture. I think this is a good idea as it helps save the environment, encourages people to pick up rubbish and also creates beautiful sculptures with low, if any cost.

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