Home Grown/Koori Grown

Creating dialogue between local plant species, indigenous communities and the broader public, to heal our home.

In response to the devastating 2019/2020 summer bushfires, it’s time to heal, understand and give back to our country. This project aims to re-wild Sydney through the domestic home by calling on the knowledge of the traditional custodians of the land. A temporary pop-up system showcases native plants to educate, create community and promote Council Native Plant Giveaways.

A modular framing system allows for organic placement of plants and the display of educational signage. This means the activation can respond to any site and any quantity of plants. Focusing on the theme of ‘home’, two large framing devices also display graphic information and packages of native seeds that people can take. The installation, which is to be placed in shared public spaces, creates a spectacle of wild canopy-like landscaping. Paired with the distinct frames that delineate the space from its surrounding environment, the activation invites public engagement while also facilitating social distancing and utmost accessibility. To facilitate education and storytelling, this installation is also intended to be paired with an indigenous or local horticulturist, to share knowledge of plant species and their cultural and historical significance.

At the core of this project is the desire to create a dialogue between local plant species, our indigenous communities and the broader community. It is an effort to grow knowledge and create appreciation for native flora and its role in environmental and cultural rejuvenation.

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