Healing The Scars
Ian Napier

Greenbelt partially covering the Warringah Freeway at North Sydney CBD

The proposed Western Harbour Tunnel will modify the Warringah Freeway
affording a ‘once-in-a-generation’ opportunity to partially heal the original community severance and loss of public land now likely to be worsened with additional lanes squeezing adjacent open space at St Leonards Park and Cammeray.

1. Extend St Leonards Park as deck over adjacent northbound lanes south to High Street . Can accommodate walking and bike routes.
2. Link to new Ridge Street pedestrian bridge.
3. Permit entry ramp from Berry Street to southbound Western Tunnel
4. Discontinue Berry Street freeway on-ramp
5. Arthur Street between Berry and Mount Street local access only
6. Build structures on northern edge of Mount Street bridge (either side of Harbour Tunnel admin) as weather-protected link with east commercial precinct. (one could be café opening to new park)
7. Southbound entry to freeway via Pacific Highway, Arthur and Mount Street i.e. not via Berry Street
8. Northbound entry to freeway via Pacific Highway and new High Street on- ramp (as currently proposed)
9. New pedestrian bridge extending the disused tramway across freeway then under Cahill Expressway to Ennis Road and Kirribilli.

The opportunity to ‘give back’ some open space by decking over some of the roadway will not occur again unless provision is made for structural support during the tunnel and lane modification works. Traffic management measures during the roadworks would be integrated with decking contracts.

• Better life for North Sydney
• Great public space
• Transforms edge of CBD

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