Natalie Taliana

HavenAn urban hideaway that provides shelter and nesting space for small vulnerable bird species.

Haven is a temporary sanctuary for small shrub and forest-dependant species in urban environments. Its formwork offers shelter and nesting space whilst its aesthetics allude to the desires of city dwellers. It acts as an intersect between public art, design and wildlife conservation, and simultaneously complements the infrastructure on which it is placed.

The product aims to re-vitalise existing structures to function in a more meaningful way. Haven can be injected onto any flat surface in a variety of colours and arrangements making it highly adaptable and modular. Product location and distribution requirements will be specific to local bird populations and climatic conditions. In order for Haven to be most effective, it should be placed within ecological corridors ensuring it acts as a stepping stone between habitat patches.

The motivation to create Haven stems from the desire to celebrate biodiversity in cities; to design against extinction. City biodiversity is crucial in creating resilient, healthy and sustainable living environments where all species benefit. As Sydneysiders begin to take notice of Haven on their daily commute to work, they will develop an appreciation and awareness of how cities can also provide opportunities for species other than us. This will inspire and promote understanding that will develop equity between human and non-human species. The lack of products that target biodiversity also emphasises the need for radical collaboration and experimentation in cities. And it asks us to question, how might we enhance rather than endanger the lives of vulnerable urban birdlife?

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