Gallery Opinion
Morgan Thomas

Capture, educate and broaden the awareness of Speakers’ Corner

I am concerned with the loss of expression, interaction, conflict and negotiation. Therefore, I want to redesign and re-energise the concept of Speakers’ Corner in The Domain, Sydney.

I believe public speaking and expressing an opinion is a fundamental part of society which needs to be appreciated by people of all ages.

This space aims to capture, educate and broaden the awareness of Speakers’ Corner for the people of Australia and international visitors.

This space will re-energise Speakers’ Corner by engaging new audiences, individually, collectively, intellectually and physically in ways that will open up expressions and movements of inhabiting a space.

This space will enable social interaction and capture a diverse range of opinions within a forum that can leverage innovative technology, contemporary design and raw emotion. I believe that all age groups will be involved in this concept to express themselves and to influence decisions which are vital to their future.

I’m not suggesting that we should go back in time, however, we should be experimenting to find new possibilities with technology and public spaces. This concept of gathering ideas and knowledge directly from society is essential for the progression of urban life.

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