For a more productive public space
Danny Le

The street furniture design makes the public space greener and more adaptive to modern world

The idea stems from the undesirable situation caused by the global pandemic in 2020 when people are being separated to carry out the social distancing to secure and hopefully cease the COVID-19 infection to perpetuate while expecting the vaccination to be found. The majority is forced to work from home through the internet for communication as the first step to take effect on helping each other to fight back the pandemic. Significantly this caused a big change on how we, human being, interact and how it affects our mental health as containing ourselves in a confined space while pressuring to perform work productively and creatively. The natural environment seems to be a constructive element when people receives more healthy benefits from working outdoor. Cloverdesk was born to promote the human contact and social activities while still obtains the safety issue, welcomes and accommodates for all users by having a good design with architectural features and visually adorning the particular area. The design helps to upgrade the living standards by providing a hotspot for electronic device user who can freely shelter themselves under great ‘clover solar panels’ supplying main green power for them to achieve their task on their handy devices. This idea conceptualises to enhance the efficiency and value of the public space use by combining its convention and modern utility to transform into a progressive and advance society for everyone.

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