Children And Young People Award

Highly Commended

Siddharth Shasidharan, Sahana Shasidharan

Distributed local farming meets Architecture to foster a thriving and resilient local food system using public open spaces

Once upon a time, people used to share their bounty with their neighbors and eat what they grew within days of harvest. It’s an old school romance between production and consumption.

Today – Most produce arrive at supermarkets 10-12 days after harvest, travelling thousands of miles, losing vital vitamins, nutrition, & freshness along the way. We have lost 30% of the farming land to unsustainable large-scale farming. Agriculture has taken up 70% of the world’s freshwater and 70% of the food have traces of harmful pesticides.

By 2050, we need to produce 70% more food to feed an estimated world population of 10 billion. Our current agricultural system cannot feed that many people, most of whom will be living in urban areas

To feed the future, where we farm and how we farm needs to be re-imagined and transformed especially post COVID 19.

Farmi-Tecture aims to bring cutting edge farming technologies such as Aeroponics, Hydroponics and Aquaponics that use less water, need less sunlight and minimal land into a commercially viable real estate urban structure.

We aim to use unused public lands, under-utilized car parking spaces and under-threat retail shopping centers to build aesthetically pleasing light weight Mass-Timber based Fami-Tecture Trees above them.

Farmi-tecture will become a great public space as it will offer Sydney-siders easy access to healthy food by being located strategically near transport hubs.

These Farmi-Tecture trees are not only self-contained urban farming trees producing fresh vegetables but also an attractive third place beyond home and work for Sydney siders.

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