Eureka Bridge
Jiawei Tao, Junyi Li, Zhuoran Mao

Designing for a Flash of Inspiration

Having chosen the site on the campus of The University of Sydney, this project aims at reinforcing the role of USYD as an educational institution by further activating its public space and improving the inclusiveness of the campus for the general public, students and staffs. The intension of the project Eureka is to integrate Darlington with Camperdown campus into a more holistic system, enabling a multidisciplinary collaboration mode by providing a shared space for communication. It creates an appealing public space by elevating the experience of this proposed site (a pedestrian bridge) and enhancing its role as a critical node connecting the two campuses. Objectives of this project include generating a “Eureka moment,” which is a flash of inspiration for its viewers and fueling future innovation. It would further activate the campus by attracting artists and future viewers with the novel exhibition experience it provided. The project proposes to add an educational exhibition to the original transitional function of the bridge. The project is transformational as it utilises Mixed Reality (MR) means to present the worldview of different disciplines in an imaginative and interactive way. The educational exhibition would be delivered through MR devices. In the extended “pockets” attached to the original structure of the bridge, selected objects that have the potential to trigger discussions between faculties would be displayed. Their discussion is visible in MR scenarios. The sun-shading screen would be reconstructed to also serve as a projecting screen for MR contents.

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