Epping’s Vibrant Heart
Janet McGarry

Imagine a lively, multi purpose, green Open Public space metres from Epping's new Town Centre high density living.

By 2025, Epping will have up to an extra 10,000 residents, living in and around its new high density, high rise Town Centre. An old suburb re-imagined, it is now time to give Epping a vibrant open public space adjoining heritage Forest Park. Located on the former Epping Bowling club, the site offers a generous 1.63 acres with easy pedestrian and vehicle access. The green fringe of Forest park along one side allows the site to concentrate on multi purpose recreational opportunities.

The Trust’s proposal is for three distinct zones across the site. First is a multi use court facility accessible from Blaxland Road – a space for formal and informal exercise for all ages. Mid site would be a landscaped passive recreation zone highlighting indigenous native gardens, accessible pathways, seating and BBQ areas. This would open onto the final zone – a fenced open grassed area which would offer a leash free dog park, co-existing with a circuit track and exercise zone for more energetic recreation.

The new residents of Epping have shown through Covid how much they crave additional public space for a wide range of outdoor activities. This location offers the chance to develop a regional, high usage recreation area tailored to those living in high density buildings and could set a gold standard for what should feature at the heart of similar suburbs in Sydney currently undergoing similar upscaling.

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