Eden’s Haven
Lola Williams

A natural space for rest, study or relief from the city outside .

In Sydney’s city, I feel as though there is not enough reference to nature. So, for the people who are sick of seeing big skyscrapers and pollution dousing the air, I have created a space for them to enjoy: Eden’s Haven. Although this may not be a park, it is a small space of green that can fit into the congested city allowing people relief from this. I liked this design as it can create different perspectives. It may look like a prison to some people, but I like to think of it as it trying to keep everything else away from the nature. It has a tree in the center (where the marble circle is) to make it feel more connected with nature; a balcony for more space; seating areas; many vines and plants around the edges; and it will have a glass roof overhead to allow for sunlight to come in. This space is immersed in the ideals of nature which can benefit people in several ways. A survey performed by the University of Exeter shows that people who visit green spaces are more likely to have good health and psychological wellbeing. This idea is transformational as it breaks the congestion apart, allowing for more nature to come through. It could be the beginning of a new type of public space, one that people can not only study and relax in but can enjoy and respect.

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