Claire Edwards & Sophia Lam

Bamboo Labyrinth

‘drift’ invites the public to make a diversion, to take time out between destinations. ‘drift’ is a labyrinth, a space that calls for active participation by users to make their way in and out of the structure. In the centre is a raised platform – a space for reflection and an alternate perspective through the structure.

Smaller living spaces and increasing building density means we are more reliant on public space to fulfil our physical and mental needs. ‘drift’ aims to attract people to, and activate space, to encourage people to ‘linger longer’, and to provide a space for active and passive recreation.

Public spaces should be sites for socialisation, shared experience, play, retreat, self-expression, discovery and places to watch daily life go by. ‘drift’ is a response to these criteria. It is an inviting structure to be active in, to observe, a touch of ‘spectacle’ mixed with an opportunity to pause in public space. It aims to add to our stories and experience of place and our connection to it.

‘drift’ is made up of pathways, set 1.5 metres apart in response to contemporary circumstances. It is an abstract form to inspire the imagination. It uses bamboo to invite us to consider its strength as a building material, it’s agile capacity in terms of quick assembly, and ‘drift’ as a reusable structure. Bamboo can potentially last for up to 50 years. The structure could work equally well in numerous locations, for example, Perry Park, Parramatta Sq or a regional town centre.

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