Jonathan Fleri, Michael Barnett, Kaylie Salvatori, Stacey Edwards, Chang Liu, Julia Delaney & Kimberly Commerford

Going Backwards To Go Forwards

The once screeching, beeping bustling chaos on a crowded city street has been flipped on its head during COVID19. City streets and public spaces have seen a dramatic change in use. If this trend were to continue there is a unique opportunity for biodiversity regeneration and nature reclamation in our city, reconnecting people with the environment.

Question 1: How does the idea create a better life for Sydney?
With a regeneration of biodiversity availability thriving on city streets, over time you will see an improvement in natural ecosystems and species avail. Naturally, a variety of paths will evolve as the changing nature of the environment will take hold around the streets. This ever-blossoming state will encourage community members to explore, whilst also leaving other areas undisturbed so that flora and fauna can thrive. The reclaiming of bionomic systems will create not only a fun more enjoyable space to live, streets will connect local community allowing them to connect with nature and creating a better life. Green for Wellbeing.

Question 2: How does your idea deliver great public space?
Streets are open with uninterrupted lush glistening foliage. The removal interactions between people and cars create a not only visually interesting and a colourful environment for the public, but a tangible space with an emphasis on flexible human occupation and environmental activity to be intermingled.

Questions 3: How is your idea transformational?
COVID has proved that people are shifting out of the city. Rent prices have gone down in the

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