Daniel Spicer, Pip Meachin, Crystal Dunn, Andrew Mason, Saskia Ruting, Annabelle Spillane & Ellie Winstanley

Dome Sweet Dome

The BioDome provides a space within a space, becoming a temporary green refuge and a place to socialise and engage, in a small, intimate setting which can be easily retrofitted to any public open space. As activities in the public sphere are relegated to isolated activation, the BioDome aims to enhance this experience with connection to nature, people and technology in a safe and healthy environment.

The BioDome is a modular, low impact structure with a simple permeable base, which may be installed around existing natural amenity with a light touch, can provide a greenhouse for urban farming or miniature gardens in an urban setting. In built-up areas of our city, the BioDome can deliver a miniature park experience on any street, extending the amenity of existing trees or creating greenery where there was previously only paving. A clever installation strategy of the BioDome can help increase the proportion of green, open and public space within 10 minutes walk from all urban homes.

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