Contours in Alfred St Circular Quay
Ruth McDermott

Celebrating the natural beauty of Sydney and creating a front verandah for the city.

The much-anticipated light rail terminates at Circular Quay – my proposal aims to create an arrival experience for all that is specifically relates to Sydney by introducing three design elements.

  1. Colour, texture and pattern placed into the ground level.
    Using the contours of the sandstone, beaches and topography of Sydney to create pattern using natural materials – sandstone or tiles in colours of the Sydney Sandstone and complementing the long thin shape of the space drawing people through.
  2. Introduction of seating elements
    To be made of sandstone or similar material to provide a focus for people to meet up, pause, eat and enjoy the ambience. This will create an edge on the southern side to the space and anchor the space to the area.
  3. Introduction of overhead louvres.
    These curved louvres will provide a dappled pattern of shadow providing relief from the sun. The space is exposed to the northern sun with no real shading and in an era of climate change, more protection is needed. The louvres will allow a free flow of air through the space and relates to the Australian tradition of louvres architecture.

The proposal delivers a space which Introduces sculptural elements, natural materials, seating and shade-providing places to pause, rest and protection from the sun. It will transform what is currently clearly a blocked-off street to a vibrant and specifically Sydney experience for those arriving, pausing, and passing through – a front verandah for the city of Sydney.

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