Community Heart
William Story

Move, connect and play

Live music draws me towards a garden filled with delicious organic fruit and vegetables. As I draw near, I notice the delicious smell of freshly grown food being cooked in the community kitchen. Smiling people of all walks of life are laughing as they dance along the all age play equipment made from natural materials designed seemingly into the garden. Drawn towards the music I pass through into the amphitheatre to be stunned by the shining energy of the people sharing laughing and connecting with each other in this drug and alcohol-free environment. I notice the band is not a band at all, instead it’s a collection of random strangers having a music jam with the permanent musical instruments built into the space. My heart expands in amazement. A friendly Sonali introduces herself, I’m surprised to learn that this “Community Heart” is designed to encourage community expression and leadership by welcoming anyone to schedule a performance, dance, workshop, meditation, yoga or presentation on any topic, including health, hobbies, passions, science, communication, etc. Every day of the year, a safe place for everyone to express themselves, to share their passions, to be seen and praised. I learn leadership is built into the fabric as the local community collaborated in the design and construction of the place. I see people collaborating, sharing, organising and cooking in the most joyous way, I’m so glad I passed by here today.

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