Communal Wood Fired Pizza Ovens
Laurine Croasdale

Move over barbecues!

I once visited Albury and thought their communal wood-fired pizza oven in a public park on the banks of the river with a stone prep bench and long communal table with built-in seats, was an inspired innovation.

It would be great to have wood-fired pizza ovens in a public space in each shire with free access to all with perhaps one Sunday for families and one Sunday for younger people. The council could offer pizza dough recipes online or a cooking class on site and enlist a small group of volunteers for each oven to set up, attend and clean up after each session. It could also be used at other times for classes of school children or for groups who make a booking. Whether you choose to cook pizza or make a family favourite, cooking and sharing a meal is something with broad appeal that brings the community together and unites all cultures

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