Commonwealth Star
John Carroll

“A Large Podium For Winners” Based on a 7 point star with 16 levels of tiered seating/staircase/ramps to a top level staging or performance area.

This large 33mx33m polished concrete structure incorprates temporary tension shades which can be erected when needed and features illuminated, cascading water from each tier as well as patterned decorative imprint on the concrete.

The Podium could be created at the Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith offering residents and visitors a venue that allows passive and active use to connect and celebrate special occasions.

The “Commonwealth Star” is a unique design that’s multifunctional and structurally expressive. It’s location will transform underutilised space into an active living space where community members will gather as participants, performers or observers. The Star raises a space from parkland to destination where people will gather to enjoy daytime and evening activities and enjoy the grandeur of the space.

The aesthetics of the structure are appealing in their own right and the opportunities for the variety of uses and activities are endless.

The geometric nature of the design offers an attractive juxtaposition in the natural environment of the parkland.

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