Chief Secretary’s Building
Oliver Derum

Let’s adapt the Building into the world’s premier hospitality and small events space destination

The Building is the most magnificent and important indoor space possessed by the NSW Government and not accessible to the public. To allow public enjoyment, while preserving and restoring the historic existing fabric and character, the Building should become a hub of diverse and welcoming bar, restaurant and events spaces.

The existence of a large rear courtyard means that all access, utility and service needs, including kitchens and other ‘back of house’ requirements, could be accommodated outside the existing structure. As a result, all the grand existing spaces, including large balconies, would be available for use as the public areas of multiple long-term hospitality venues, or temporary use for public events, promotions, activations, launches, meetings and other functions.

The Building would be managed the same way as the Rocks, with Government retaining ownership and leasing space to appropriate partners/users, while remaining responsible for strategic vision and heritage management.

For various reasons, Sydney’s hospitality offering has been impaired for some time. Once the pandemic clears, this proposal would offer the industry a significant opportunity in their efforts to return to the global forefront of their crafts. Such is the magnificence of both the building and its location (relative other attractions and numerous major hotels) that the potential exists to create one of the premier hospitality attractions in the entire world, while allowing dramatically increased access to this important and beautiful public asset.

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