Carriageworks SuperDuper Market
Jess Miller & Claire Sutton

Local health & wealth creation at a convenient location.

“Food prices rise as drought hits Australian supplies, with inflation climbing to 1.8%.” The Guardian.

“Drought and bushfires, not coronavirus, blamed for rising food prices.” SMH.

It’s no big secret that Carriageworks is not exactly ‘flush’ at the moment, at the same time Woolworths is doing very, very well for itself. So how do we reintroduce the idea that public space is for public benefit and at the same time support local jobs and economies?

Easy. We make ‘lazy space’ work harder. By transforming the notion that food can only be grown in fields.

The Carriageworks SuperDuper Market.

This idea builds upon the current Carriageworks Farmers’ markets and hands over public indoor and outdoor space over to food entrepreneurs and innovators to grow local, fresh, affordable and healthy food.

Highlights include:
Large-scale hydroponic vegetable production in one of the empty sheds or carpark (run as a social enterprise and staffed by people who have just lost their hospitality jobs)
Industrial kitchens to prepare and store food as part of the Sydney Food Lab’s incubator food program.

Extension of the Farmer’s Market into a SuperDuperMarket bases on a co-op food model that provides local food security, a strong local food economy, skills and most importantly affordable, healthy food.

Already excellent governance and financing models exist that could be amended and adopted to provide a legitimate alternative to the major supermarkets, for example, CERES (Vic), Food Connect Brisbane and the Manly Food Coop in Manly.

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