Callan Park
Gino Vumbaca, Garth Popple

WHOS Kirkbride NGO Hub & Social Enterprise Precinct

We Help Ourselves (WHOS) is proposing to establish an innovative not-for-profit Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Hub and Social Enterprise Venture in the Kirkbride site of Callan Park.

Our aim is to create a major new precinct for NGOs across NSW at the Kirkbride site, which will allow better collaboration, co-ordination and sharing of complementary services. The NGO Hub will deliver a multi-purpose, multi-functional and innovative precinct providing long term office accommodation and facilities for NGOs, training organisations, cultural and creative organisations and selected corporate partners to co-locate and enhance opportunities for collaboration. It will also allow each organisation the ability to more efficiently operate their services by providing reasonable rental costs (to ensure the facility is fully occupied) on a long term basis, and the ability for each NGO to reduce their operating costs by utilising a ‘shared services’ model.

The on-site Social Enterprise Venture will include training and conference facilities to enable the delivery of training, vocational and employment pathways to clients from WHOS and other NGOs (on-site and off-site). A community cafe, gallery displays, historic tours, musical events and a range of other public amenities will be available for tenants and the community, creating a vibrant and eclectic precinct in what is currently vacant buildings and grounds.

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