Cahill Park
Pablo Alvarado, Mark Rossiter, Jemima Manton, Lachlan McDougall

Once there were parking lots, Now it's a peaceful oasis, You've got it - David Byrne

The Cahill Expressway is unnecessary and obsolete! It serves as another route to the Eastern suburbs when a faster one already exists. We rally that it should be given back over as public space that gives everyone access to one of the most coveted views in the world.

We need public outdoor space, for our emotional, physical and mental health. The Covid 19 Pandemic has demonstrated the importance of access to urban parklands with the search for outdoor and climatic human needs has become more valuable than ever. With more people working from home, and likely to stay that way, public parks are increasingly required as a breakout space from the home. WHO considers ventilation (as well as social distancing) as one of the strongest mitigation against transmission of Covid. More well planned and central urban spaces are required to maintain the overall health of our citizens.

Just as the High Line has done for New York, we propose that the Cahill Park become an internationally loved and highly visited landmark to Sydney Harbour. Its elevated platform above the train lines sets the perfect viewing platform for the performance of Circular Quay, The Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

This 500 meter long new park will be heavily greened space that accommodates both pedestrians and cyclists. It will included external exercise parks, lawns for leisure, tree canopy for solar and wind protection, have landscaping that is engaging and full of biodiversity and most importantly be an island of calm and escape.

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