“Bungee” Cockatoo Island Crane
David Vago

Cockatoo Island Crane. A Sydney Harbour bungee jumping experience

We propose that the existing heritage crane on Cockatoo island be re-designed into a Bungee jump platform. A beautiful functional use for a classic piece of Sydney Harbour infrastructure. Since lock out laws and Covid-19 restrictions, indoor venues have not been able to operate for the youth of the city leaving a generation with little offerings in regards to entertainment and socializing.
Increasing pressures from new residents and\ social distancing has put the spotlight on how we use our outdoor spaces. Cockatoo island due to its geographic position has the opportunity to be a playground for the youth. Activated not only with events day and night, food and bars but also with unique activities that could prove to be world class and highly entertaining. A bungee jump station would be an incredible harbourside attraction for thrill seekers. Like Bridge climb the Bungee would take in all of Sydney Harbour’s iconic attractions. Dare I say, the photographs of people doing bungee in front of the Harbour bridge will be a world wide sensation and further boost our tourism recovery.

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