Bow Bowing Creek Transformation
Kate Stares & a team from Campbelltown City Council.

The opportunity to transform Campbelltown City Centre’s blue and green spine

Campbelltown’s Bow Bowing Creek is a concrete-lined drainage canal, serving an engineering purpose, however, its potential is far greater.

A reimagined Bow Bowing Creek through Campbelltown’s City Centre becoming its green and blue spine, while connecting three important centres, each serving a unique purpose. With the ever-present need to bring water into our cities to help cool and sustain them, Bow Bowing would provide sustainability and environmental opportunities, alongside a vibrant multi-use landscape offering active connections, enhanced liveability and a unique transformation for Campbelltown.

As well as recreation and lifestyle benefits, Bow Bowing could improve water quality through re-naturalisation initiatives and incorporation of water sensitive urban design features, improving biodiversity by protecting key habitats and removing exotic species and pests.

Imagine the opportunities for recreation and an active lifestyle – as you finish university in Macarthur, you walk along a boardwalk, meeting friends along the way before stopping to have a bite to eat in Campbelltown’s Flavour Lane. After dinner, you walk together to Campbelltown Stadium for a concert. As you leave, there is a hive of activity, public art, buskers and places to stop and grab a bite to eat or drink as you make your way home.

During the day, families are enjoying a picnic near their apartment or riding their bikes along the 4km cycleway. There are groups meeting to photograph the local birdlife and school students are participating in outdoor science classes, learning about the importance of the waterway for the city’s vitality.

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