Bondi Beach
David Vago

Imagine a Bondi Beach with no cars! Where the park meets the sea

Bondi Beach is Australia’s most famous beach and is an extremely busy city beach. The beachfront is under utilized and cars dominate the landscape. The area currently consists of a number of disconnected elements that “collide” on site include two parking areas, a road, parkland, promenade and beach wall. This new vision for Bondi looks at re-establishing the natural topography of the area with rolling hills down to the sand. (referencing the old sand dunes ) The beachside road and parking has been relocated underground and the parkland flows down to the promenade increasing in area. The promenade then connects to the beach through long runs of steps and ramps. Built into the parkland hill are a few new restaurant offerings which providing a greater diversity of food and drink options, beachside and some spectacular opportunities for outdoor dining. The parkland above the roof of the restaurants will provide a great surf check viewing area. Our vision for Bondi Beach brings the beach to the park and activates the shoreline similar to other European city beaches. A transformation like this would increase the soft landscape to create more useable green space for people, a better and more fluid connection to the beach and enhance the scenic beauty of Australia’s most famous beach.

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