Children And Young People Award

Highly Commended

Board of Expression
Wiley Park Girls High School Yr 10 STEM Class

A place to share your dreams, feelings and wishes

Do you feel lonely? Do you feel like speaking up? Do you want to be heard, and express your emotions? Mental wellbeing encompasses a wide range of conditions that can affect your mood, thinking and behaviour.

To address this problem, we have designed a “Board of Expression”.The board can be used by the public for several purposes including; writing down feelings, a wish (hoping someone will read it and fulfil it), a quote, joke, a thought (something you think) or motivational comment to put a smile on someone else’s face. Expressing your feelings helps change your mood and can improve mental wellbeing. Reading what other people have written on the board can also have an impact on your thinking and approach towards life.
The board will provide the community with economic opportunities as entrepreneurs may start setting up small businesses nearby to support the board (eg selling whiteboard markers, chalk, dusters etc to people who want to write on the board).

The benefit to Sydneysiders will be an increased awareness of wellbeing, mental health as well as a sense of community connection along with the opportunities for an increase in social and economic activities.
To prevent vandalism and abusive language there will be cameras operated and monitored 24 hours a day to maintain security. There will also be shelters to prevent the board from getting affected by the weather. These boards can be located all over Sydney but this one is going to be in the park.

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