An interactive tour of Sydney
Amelia Barry, Matthew Roach

Hear the stories of the streets as told by the people who lived on them

Accessed via QR code the public wander through neighbourhoods and areas spotting these codes opening up an interactive conversation with someone who lived or worked on this street many years ago. Interact with them as they tell you about what this building used to be and what used to happen in this neighbourhood. The gossip, the history, the stories as told by the people who used to inhabit these areas.
These interactive experiences can be accessed at any time or day, are COVID safe and can either lead someone on a tour or just tell them a little something more about a place they wouldn’t have otherwise known.
Installation will require printing of stickers to be stuck on particular landmarks or areas. A mock up of a draft sticker and what would appear on when the QR code is scanned is attached .

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