An enjoyable face-to-face conversation is an art of human connection
Mahi Mousavifard

Sometimes having a little conversation can make a huge different in people’s life

With the advent of digital device, the art and in turn ability to have real world face-to-face conversations is gradually dying. Obviously, the feelings we experience when having a face-to-face conversation cannot be fully replaced by our technological devices. With encouraging the culture of having more face-to-face conversations with friends, colleagues, neighbours, and even random people within the community we will remember that connecting with others can remarkably enrich our lives and theirs.

People need to be reminded of how essential face-to-face conversations is to their relationships, their creativity, and their capacity for empathy. In this regard, one smart measure could be to provide public spaces with proper sociable atmosphere around the city, with signs including short inspirational quotes and daily motivational sayings or even drawing expressing “talking through technological device comes second for me”, “an enjoyable face-to-face conversation is an art of human connection”, “a nice conversation can make my day”, “this ritual shouldn’t be put on the shelf”, “I get joy sharing life stories with friends”, “I practice storytelling in my everyday life”, “let’s master making better human connections”, “eye-contact can open door to endless possibilities” “learning the art of connecting with people has shaped and evolved my life in many different ways”. After all the technological advancements that humanity has made, these are natural human being source of enjoyment. This will gradually nourish hospitality, humanity and modern civilization and at the end will nourish people mind, heart, spirit and soul.

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