Louise Williamson, Rajesh Bhardwaj

Connecting you to all your local neighbourhood has to offer.

I have 1 hour, I need to escape Zoom, my 4 walls, I need to see the sky, feel the sun and wind in my hair. Where can I go, sit, meet, talk, walk or play?

There is so much to discover. Hidden gems such as pop-up tree trails, native birdlife, home grown herbs, backyard honey, cooking classes for that dish you’d like to make and Tai Chi in the park.

Information is everywhere. You have to navigate a mass of Apps, Facebook groups, different websites and council newsletters. Everyone’s vying for your attention. It’s exhausting. In the end, it’s either too hard or you ran out of time!

Amble is a digital platform delivering real time information about what’s happening within a 5 km radius around you and how you can get involved.

Amble is a personal digital map. You can select what you’re in the mood for such as learning about nature, volunteering, participating in exercise or visiting lesser known attractions.

Amble improves quality of life by encouraging healthy behaviours such as going in nature, viewing the neighbourhood from different perspectives and being social.

Amble delivers great public space by guiding people to a variety of pathways, off the beaten track, thereby reducing overcrowding in popular destinations.

Amble transforms people’s relationship to places from single use and functional e.g. “the park is where I play footy”, into multi-layered and interactive e.g. history of the park, surrounding flora and fauna, unnoticed landmarks and much more.

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