ACcessible COMmunity ModuleS
Guy Hollingum, Hannah Edwards, Glenda Yiu, John Caldwel & Samuel Butler

Amenity, Safety, Accessibility, and Functionality on Demand

Person 1: “Don’t you hate it when you’re out and about and that sudden urge to go strikes?”
Person 2: “Yeah, happens. It’s not always possible to position yourself in a public space or playground that provides amenities, you know?. And what about the nearest coffee shop? 15-minute walk on google maps? Forget about it, I’ll pass.”
P1: “I know what you mean, but hey, have you checked out these new City of Sydney pod thingies? There was one under the Kent St overpass the other day with some mad dude busking away to the lunchtime city crowd. I thought it was a wicked cool idea. And I got a coffee from a different one at the end of one of those Pyrmont piers. Wasn’t half bad!”
P2: “Ohh nice! I’ll have to check those ones out when I’m over that way. I’d been taking the kids to Ward Park in Surry for years, but the crap thing was there weren’t any public toilets. You can only stay at a playground with kids for so long before somebody needs to go! Then voila, one of those pod things appeared and it had a fully accessible toilet inside. It was even solar powered!”
P1: “Oh snap! The future! I just get my kids to do bush wees!”
P2: “Lol. I heard the toilet was compostable too, so these things can be dropped anywhere without being connected to underground services and infrastructure.”
P1: “Cool! Hope we’ll see more of them!”

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