Above The Lines
Soo Tee Cheong and Marcus Cheong

Reclaiming the Air Space Above Rail Lines With Green Corridors

The air space above railway lines has the potential to become a valuable asset. By developing this currently unused space into parks and walkways, green corridors can link communities and commercial areas. Furthermore, selected sites can become residential structures to meet the city’s growing needs for more housing that is linked to the existing transport infrastructure.

This is an opportunity to create a more vibrant community across the city. It will encourage community interaction by providing meeting spaces and common routes to and from rail stations. It will lessen the reliance on motor transport, reducing air pollution and traffic congestion. Furthermore these space can be used by local schools, medical centers and other community groups with the assets generated.

These green spaces can be integrated with other parks and facilities adjacent to railway lines increasing the desirability of this buffer zone between the rail lines and neighborhoods.

This has the potential to transform the entire metropolitan rail infrastructure creating a city with an iconic green belt of public spaces.

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