A Pool Break
Jasmine Pringgo-Harjono

Public community space

The place I am designing will consist of a public swimming pool and a small inside building to go along with it, which might hold a cafe or something to complement the concept.
The location of this place will be somewhere surrounded by nature as opposed to city buildings, to create a sense of a calm and relaxed atmosphere away from the busy world. e.g on a hill close to a beach (make reference to the images on the left, to the surroundings and atmosphere that is aimed to be achieved)
Society can be so chaotic today and the key concept of this design is to create a community space that has a purpose, to be a place where people can go to take a break from their busy everyday life through a relaxed, funky and refreshed atmosphere. The target market for this project is specifically those mid-teens all the way through to young adults (15- 30), to make the space more niche. People will be able to come to this space and disconnect from their work-filled lives and take a break at this holiday close to home.

The flow and cleanness of the architecture and design through specific shapes and colours will aim to create a funky, refreshed and modern space.
Even though this place will consist of a public swimming pool, the space purpose is not particularly for training swimmers, but instead for more a relaxed community space.

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