A Parliament for Outside Dialogue
Damien Butler, Laura Guépin

A sculpture installation to connect people from a diversity of backgrounds and places.

Even the smallest objects add definition and character to space. Our own projections onto them structure a system of imagined and real activities, creating interiorised places. Every space holds the potential for an action or an event, that is, people find within them behaviors and states. Thus, the object must not be limited to its physical form but recognised for its atmospheric and temporal qualities. This Sculpture installation combines all three properties into a single coherent project for an outdoor public site.

A series of optical laminated glass vertical elements that are aggregated across an urban landscape, connecting surrounding entry paths inviting people in from transparency to translucency, solid objects in the morning that convert to light transmitting objects at night.
Outdoor weather conditions are enhanced thought the colour and light controlling film on the glass. The installation would interact with sun lighting conditions outside in a playful manner and in turn amplify different times of day reflecting light across the envelop in a controlled manner.

These spaces become
• Places for story telling
• Places for learning
• A safe space
• Place to enter a discuss and maintain a dialogue.
• A listening environment
• To explore identity
• A cultural history telling space to empower our futures.
• To continue a conversation, a public place for future meetings.

The Installation is just the starting point; the activities come from the imagination of the people.

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