A Jungle in my Pocket
Marco Nardini

Do you want to try to overturn the concept of Urban Jungle?

Is the urban jungle an unpleasant place? Our proposal wants to contradict this statement by putting it upside down!

How we do that? We intend to develop plant-inspired strategies. By integrating them into a plant-based project that makes design sustainability a goal, shareable by all on the ground users.

Keywords of this proposal are: urban forestry, air quality, green sewing, plant resource management, urban gardens, waste cycle assesment, biomass management. Something that hosts a maximum of biodiversity, just like a jungle.

Our POCKET JUNGLE are achieved by planting trees and plants in strategic areas, with a phytopurification of contaminated parts and a build of productive gardens. Converting mineral surfaces into plant walls, redeveloping abandoned or degraded areas, implementing awareness, disseminating and co-designing projects aimed at the involvement of inhabitants.

What else? Interstitia, reductions, relocations, distance points, contaminants, spread, gentrification are definitely warning signs. A risk profile but also perhaps a potential cure.
Finding a way to their transformation into something that’s positive it’s everyone’s duty.

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