A Harbour for All
Joe Rowling, Javier Arcila, Connie Yan, Florencia Vespasiano

Sydney Harbour is a great and iconic space, it deserves to be a truly public space.

It is the space that defines a nation, but it is not a truly public spaceā€¦
Sydney Harbour has everything a city could wish for, sparkling blue waters and pristine bushland where finding native wildlife is always easy. It has a wide range of hidden beaches for swimmers, sailors, divers and walkers to enjoy. It has dramatic sandstone cliffs that sculpt the land and provide the most spectacular views of the city and its suburbs, and is the setting for iconic attractions that entice millions of tourists every year.
It certainly is a great example of an utopia. Or so you would think, until you realise that a considerable percentage of the 73Km of shoreline that connect the North Head in Manly with the South Head in Watsons Bay corresponds to private land owned accessible by only a few individuals.
This proposition reimagines Sydney Harbour as a fully inclusive public open space: A HARBOUR FOR ALL. A Harbour where people can continuously walk by the water without any interruptions. A Harbour where diverse environmental processes become the main attraction that can bring awareness about the delicacy of the world we live in. A Harbour with creative activities all year round that could inspire the generations to come.

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