Chris Fu and Alex Halim

Pandemics and restrictions - what would the darkest timeline look like? How do we respond?

A multitude of potential futures await us in a time not too far ahead. A future where an undesirable world becomes our reality. Public spaces are no longer defined by fostering the interaction between individuals of a community. Rather the notion is juxtaposed by isolation. A design outcome forced by necessity rather than choice. This scenario is played out within this glimpse into the unwanted yet potential future.

This idea aims to provide a solution to public spaces that allows the individual to still enjoy green spaces. While adhering to government restrictions of social distancing. Literal ‘1.5 m x 1.5 m’ parks created solely for the use by an individual. Each glass encased box provides various elements of the park setting scaled down for one person.

If this certain dystopia manifests, or any other dystopia – how can us as designers now, rethink public spaces of our cities?

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