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Sydney Metro West would be a boost for Western Sydney jobs – new report
10 July, 2018

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Matt Levinson

Building a fast train link from the Sydney CBD to Parramatta would create tens of thousands of new jobs according to a new report published today by the Committee for Sydney, the Sydney Business Chamber and the Western Sydney Business Chamber.

Sydney Metro West is the proposed extension to the Sydney Metro Network. It is designed to connect Parramatta and the Sydney central business districts and increase rail capacity and reduce travel times between these centres.

The report argues that Metro West has the potential to be a city-shaping transport investment supporting the three cities vision of the NSW Government for Greater Sydney, which is about ‘rebalancing’ jobs and activity concentrations from the eastern Sydney CBD and Eastern Harbour City towards the Central River City focussed on Greater Parramatta and, in future, the Western Parkland City.

It examines scenarios focusing on travel times between Parramatta and Sydney CBD of 15, 20 and 25 minutes were assessed. The 15-minute scenario included five core stations along the route.

It finds that under every scenario there is an increase in new jobs created across a route between the CBD and Parramatta. However, it finds that there would be a greater increase in jobs uplift in the West if the journey took less than 20 minutes. For example, under the 15-minute scenario, an additional 70,000 jobs would be created in Westmead, with an additional 66,000 under the 20-minute model and 61,000 under the 25-minute route.

In Sydney Olympic Park, an additional 75,000 jobs would be created under the 15-minute model, 69,000 under the 20-minute model and 57,000 under the 25-minute model.

In Parramatta, 45,000 additional jobs would be created under the 15-minute model, 39,000 under the 20-minute model and 32,000 under the 25-minute model.

Committee for Sydney Director of Policy, Eamon Waterford,

“Sydney Metro West will be city-shaping. With a fast journey to Parramatta, it will support the NSW Government’s vision of rebalancing jobs from the eastern Sydney CBD towards the Central River City focussed on Greater Parramatta and, in future, the Western Parkland City.

“A faster Metro journey will also create new potential for housing and to bring jobs closer to where people in Western Sydney live.  This housing uplift along the corridor could give communities in the West new access to fast train and offer a genuine alternative to a long commute into the east of the city”.

Sydney Business Chamber Executive Director, Patricia Forsythe said:

“The paper shows that there is an upside in every scenario fewer stations will have greater benefit to the western economy and more stations will benefit the eastern or Sydney CBD economy.”

Sydney Business Chamber Western Sydney Director, David Borger said:

“Our analysis clearly shows that a quicker journey will deliver a jobs dividend for Western Sydney. Areas like Westmead and Olympic Park could see an additional 20-30,000 jobs created if the journey was 20 minutes or less. These would also be high-quality, skilled jobs, the sort we need to boost the economy of a rapidly growing Western Sydney.”

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  1. The Committee for Sydney is an independent think tank and champion for the whole of Sydney, providing thought leadership beyond the electoral cycle. The Committee aims to enhance the economic, social, cultural and environmental conditions that make Sydney a competitive, resilient and liveable global city. The Committee has a diverse membership with over 150 member organisations: including the major corporate sectors driving Sydney’s economy; strategically minded local authorities; key NSW Government departments and agencies; not- for-profit organisations; and leading arts and sporting institutions. Members help develop and deliver priorities, provide expertise and ensure a representative geographical spread across the greater Sydney region.