Media Release
Statement on Toll Review Interim Report
11 March, 2024

Media contact

Matt Levinson

Harri Bancroft, Mobility Policy Manager, Committee for Sydney:

“Allan Fels’ proposal to move to a more logical and coordinated tolling system for Sydney is welcome – the next step is to understand how a State TollCo would work with concession holders.

“We’re disappointed to see the review stop short of larger-scale reform of our wider roads network. Without this, the reduction in toll prices will incentivise more trips on our motorways and more trips on our surface roads, resulting in more traffic in Sydney.” 

On the Harbour Bridge two-way charge proposal:

“This is a smart move to reduce car traffic moving through the Sydney CBD.

“At the moment, it’s cheaper for people to drive back and forth to the city during peak periods, than catching the train or bus.

“Charging both ways would provide revenue that can be used to make our tolling system fairer for the people of Western Sydney, by charging less for longer trips.”