Media Release
Statement on the extension of lockdown
07 July, 2021

Media contact

Matt Levinson

Gabriel Metcalf, CEO of the Committee for Sydney, said:

“It is a bitter disappointment for all families in Sydney but it is something I think we all expected.

“While the Government is hoping this will be the last one, the reality is, until we get to a high level of vaccination we are going to be at constant risk for further lockdowns.

“This is the direct and predictable result of the Federal Government’s failure to buy vaccines early. At this point, all we can do is get on with the vaccination program as fast as possible, as supplies become available.

“As Sydney gears up for a rough few months, we should all keep in mind that we have learned a lot of lessons from the rest of the world over the past 16 months. Covid spreads indoors, it almost never spreads outdoors. Let’s get restaurants and bars to serve on the sidewalk, let’s move school outdoors where we can and let’s stop policing people sitting on the beach.”