Priorities for the next Australian Government
21 March, 2022

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Committee for Sydney

Statement / 21 March 2022

Priorities for the next Australian Government

Today we release the Committee for Sydney’s agenda for the Federal Government, in advance of the election, which will be announced any day.

These are not just calls for spending more money in our city (with one exception!). They are key policy moves that will benefit not just Sydney, but all the cities of Australia and indeed everyone in Australia.

The seven policy areas in this agenda reflect longstanding priorities of the Committee, which members will have heard us talk about many times. While much of our work is targeted to the NSW Government, there are certain things only the Commonwealth can do. 

Here are the key priorities: 

  • Boost skilled migration
  • Unleash the innovation economy
  • Achieve net-zero by 2040 and plan for an economic transition away from fossil fuels
  • Reform the tax system
  • Support women to participate in the workforce
  • Make housing more affordable
  • Fund transformative infrastructure projects.