Guide to Transport Impact Assessment submission
29 May, 2024

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Committee for Sydney

Submission / 29 May 2024

Guide to Transport Impact Assessment submission

The Committee is delighted to see the draft Guide to Transport Impact Assessment – an update of the old Guide to Traffic Generating Development (GTGD). ​

Firstly, because the GTGD was far too old and unresponsive to the changing nature of a city. Secondly, because the new draft Guide signals a shift away from a focus on car traffic, towards a focus on sustainable modes – including public transport, walking and cycling.​

There is much to like about the draft Guide. Many of the recommendations we made in our report Better for better places 2022 have been realised in this draft, including:​

  • the update to the Guide itself​
  • the removal of minimum parking rates​
  • car parking categorisation areas​
  • the inclusion of details on carshare, unbundled and decoupled parking. ​

However, we still think the Guide needs improvement to fully realise the goals of the Future Transport Strategy. In this submission we detail the things we’d like to see included that would help create a more sustainable and liveable city. ​

Read the full submission.