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Home ownership dream fades for future Sydneysiders – Sydney Summit sets focus on next generations
04 February, 2024

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Matt Levinson

Monday’s Sydney Summit, with a program of new research and a strong lineup of newsmakers, will explore how we can create a better city for future Sydneysiders.

Eamon Waterford, CEO of the Committee for Sydney, said: “We are in a critical moment.”

“The challenges of housing unaffordability and climate change will be with us for decades, but the seeds of solving them need to be sown right now. 

“On current trends, less than half the children born today will ever be able to own a home in Sydney. This is the stark reality we need to grapple with. We’re pleased to see there is broad community support for action on these big challenges.

“The decisions we make now can help make Sydney more prosperous, equitable and sustainable over the coming decades, or not – it’s up to us.

WHEN: Monday, February 5, 8:30am-2:30pm

WHERE: Grand Ballroom, ICC Sydney  


  • Treasurer Daniel Mookhey, Youth Minister Rose Jackson and Jacob Ellis (UN Foundation Next Generation Fellow for Future Generations)
  • NSW Department Secretaries including Kiersten Fishburn (Planning), Kate Boyd (The Cabinet Office), Susan Pearce (NSW Health), Josh Murray (Transport for NSW) and Michael Coutts-Trotter (NSW Treasury)
  • Leaders from across Greater Sydney, including Deanne Stewart (CEO, Aware Super), Kate Russell (CEO, Supply Nation), Rhonda Itaoui (Centre for Western Sydney), Janice Lee (Partner, Scyne Advisory)
  • Big ideas for solving the city’s most pressing challenges, with four creative pitches drawn from a public callout.


  • The annual Life in Sydney survey of 1000+ people across Greater Sydney, conducted with Ipsos in January – reveals strong support for increased housing density, the growing cost of living and more Sydneysiders considering leaving
  • The annual State of the City report, a deep dive into the data, conducted with Scyne Advisory – when you factor in transport costs and income, some of the most affordable suburbs are some of the most exclusive.