Past Event
Global insights: Is working from home here to stay?


Will the 5-day office workweek return?

Jose Maria Barrero

Co-creator Survey of Working Arrangements and Attitudes Instituto


Thursday 21 July 2022


9:00 am

Will the 5-day office workweek return? Since May 2020 researchers at Stanford University, University of Chicago and Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico have been conducting the Survey of Working Arrangements and Attitudes, surveying over 120,000 Americans (approximately 5,000 per month) to investigate whether working from home will stick, and why. Join us as Assistant Professor Jose Maria Barrero, explains the insights and trends emerging from their ongoing survey and discusses the future of where (and how) we work, and particularly what this means for cities. Assistant Professor Barrero is an applied economist with interests in macro, finance, and labor economics. In addition to remote work, he studies how businesses forecast the future and how they behave under uncertainty. 

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