Past Event


Corridors: designing linear infrastructure in a non-linear world

David Tickle, Andrew Brophy, Barbara Schaffer, Deanne McDonald


Thursday 22 February 2024


9:30 am

This event uncovered Hassell’s landmark study Corridors: Designing linear infrastructure in a non-linear world, which explores how linear infrastructure — from high streets to highways, waterways to railways — can, and indeed must, be designed to deliver greater value for all. We have lots of underutilised corridors in Sydney and Australia: how can we put them to better use? How can we build better corridors in the future? 


David Tickle, Principal, Hassell

Andrew Brophy, Associate Director Design, Sydney Metro,

Barbara Schaffer, Principal Landscape Architect, GANSW

Deanne McDonald, Project Director, Sydney Water,

Estelle Grech, Planning Policy Manager, Committee for Sydney